ThirdWay specializes in in-house training. We've developed our classes to be taught once a month, as retention of our marketing techniques has shown to be significantly higher when a break between full days of training workshops is given. All of our classes are customized to your needs.

Here are a few of our commonly run workshops:

Online Influence and Marketing
Helps marketers understand how social media and the Internet affect consumer preference. Examines the role of blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other social media tools in propagating brands. Participants will learn how to interact with bloggers, the right and wrong ways to use Twitter and look at case studies of successful influence.

Brands and Narrative
Social media has created an environment where brands need to do much more than deliver a brand proposition: they must tell stories. This course, taught exclusively by David Vinjamuri, delves into how narrative is constructed and propagates online. The interaction between brands and consumer brand evangelists is highlighted as well as the delicate balance between message control and consumer empowerment.

Social Media 101
An overview of social media tools and techniques. The largest social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Reddit are covered. The focus of this workshop is to help the marketer develop a framework for evaluating and building successful strategies for interacting with social media platforms be they established or upcoming.

Blogging Workshop
Blogs are the spine of social media, in that they provide content for many other social media channels and platforms. This workshop gets marketers hands on with blogs to understand how they are used and how they function. The goal of this workshop is to help marketers understand both how (and when) a blog may help a brand as well as how to interact with established bloggers to get coverage for a new product or promotion.

Managing Social Media Crises
This workshop develops a framework for understanding how brand crises emerge online and how to manage them. Both successful and unsuccessful examples of social media crisis management are examined including examples from Wal-Mart, Qantas, Kenneth Cole, McDonalds and Chrysler.

Marketing Fundamentals — A Four-Part Workshop
PART I | Brand Positioning & Strategy
This workshop teaches classic brand strategy as applied by the top US Marketing companies. You will learn how to choose the best position for your brand in the marketplace, write a positioning statement and use all of the marketing tools to activate this positioning.

PART II | Pricing, Promotions & Packaging
This workshop teaches the basic tools of applied marketing. You will learn how to use pricing to your competitive advantage without eroding brand loyalty. The promotions module discusses different types of promotions, their applications, the impact of the internet and other developing forms of promotion. This workshop also covers the marketing aspects of package design – the most critical marketing choice for packaged goods.

PART III | Market Research and Publicity
This workshop teaches you to how to evaluate new products and understand the marketplace position of your brand. Emphasis is placed on the differentiation between qualitative and quantitative research, the growing role of the Internet in research and new forms of research like Ethnography. The publicity module discusses a crucial shift that is taking place among many marketing companies towards a buzz and viral marketing driven brand strategy and the tools needed to use PR firms effectively.

PART IV | Team Leadership and Agency Management
This workshop focuses on the interpersonal and leadership skills necessary to lead marketing teams and effectively manage agencies. It will give the participant the tools to motivate and manage cross-functional partners and teams, dealing with difficult issues like long meetings, wireless e-mail devices and cellphones, uncooperative partners and lack of focus. The agency management module teaches the specific skills necessary to effectively manage an advertising, promotions or PR agency.

The Brand Positioning Workshop

This workshop will teach you how to position your brand the way the biggest brands in America do. Then, with the guidance of the trainer, (in the two-day workshop) you will apply the method and create a new positioning for one of your brands.

Negotiation Workshop

Many new marketers don’t realize that negotiation is a part of their job until they find themselves across the table from a crucial supplier, customer or partner. Keep your managers from passively accepting “list price” by giving them solid negotiating skills. This workshop focuses on a win-win, relationship based negotiating system designed to allow your marketers to gain advantage for your company while keeping your business partners happy.

New Manager Training

This highly interactive workshop builds solid management skills for the new manager. It focuses on a brand-management-derived approach to people management which emphasizes the use of influence rather than authority to build a WIN-WIN management model. ThirdWay’s management system is based on hundreds of management studies and is a complete system for managing people.





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