Hiring great people is challenging. Training them to be great marketers is tough:
In-House Training = Expensive
Running an in-house training program is too expensive for all but the largest organizations. Finding people who are both experienced practitioners from top companies and great trainers is difficult. Maintaining continuity as your people rotate through different jobs is challenging.
Third-Party Seminars = Impersonal
The other choice is sending your people out to third party seminars. Here you get experienced trainers, but the training is not tailored to your organization and your people may feel awkward asking difficult questions in front of marketers from other companies. You also pay for travel expenses for all of your employees.
ThirdWay offers a better way to build great marketers:
The ThirdWay: Seasoned Brand Managers at Your Location
We come to you and conduct training at your location. We bring industry veterans - brand managers from top consumer companies with a decade or more of experience. All of our trainers have advanced degrees from top professional schools. You pay only a per-student fee and save the expense and difficulty of sending your people offsite
We are not just consultants and academics. Every ThirdWay trainer is a working, seasoned marketer with experience at one or more of the following companies: Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft, Gillette, Citigroup, L’Oreal or PepsiCo.






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