ThirdWay helps you build strong and effective consumer marketers and brand managers. Our concept is simple. We bring real, working marketers to your doorstep. All ThirdWay trainers have been brand managers at top companies including Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft, L’Oreal and Gillette. Each trainer has an MBA or other advanced degree and more than a decade of experience in marketing. Our trainers not only know marketing “by the book” as an academic or consultant might, they know it from the inside and can share their hard-won secrets.

Why Train?
You spend money to hire good people, to pay them and provide them with computers, offices, furniture and supplies. You also spend time developing effective organizational structures, policies and procedures. But if your people are not trained for their jobs, this money will be wasted. Many marketers arrive in their job from a sales, finance or product development position without training in classical consumer marketing. Training builds skills. It also improves workplaces. We are passionate about building
great people.
Let us help you.





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