We are experts in Brand Management, the discipline of building value for companies by increasing the worth of recognizable brands. We believe that the best way to increase this value is to build great marketing teams. And we strongly believe that ongoing training is the foundation of great marketing.

Every ThirdWay Brand Trainer has at least fifteen years of experience, has been an active brand manager at a top US consumer packaged goods company and has led a marketing organization.

If you depend on the relationship of consumers to your brand for your eco- nomic livelihood, you need great marketers. The average branded product today spends 30% of its gross revenue on marketing. Even for a small brand, this means millions of dollars. Think of the last pamphlet or brochure your group designed. What was the creative and printing cost?
That puts the cost of training in perspective.

Without great training, precious brand funds can be wasted. Do your marketing managers and assistants know how to effectively position a brand to meet a real consumer need? The common pitfalls in designing an advertising campaign? Ways to make retailer dollars work for you? How promotional agencies can be your best friend - or the biggest black hole for brand funds? The best way to increase the effectiveness of a sampling campaign? How to hire and manage a PR agency? How to conduct cost- effective market research that allows you to make decisions with confidence?

We'll train your people to make them great conceptual marketers and also street-smart guerilla brand-builders. And the training will be tailored to your business needs, delivered in your facility. It is a small investment to build a great team.





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